Photo: Olivier CHAIGNON
Executive Chef

“Drawing upon my broad experience, I will continue to preserve the L’Osier tradition of serving genuine and classic French cuisine while also putting my heart into launching a new era of signature flavors.”

Olivier Chaignon was born in Montargis, France. He was crowned the Best Young Apprentice Chef in France. After gaining experience at restaurants including Taillevent and Restaurant Pierre Gagnaire in Paris, he came to Japan for the first time to become the executive chef of Pierre Gagnaire A Tokyo.

Photo: Yasuhiko UCHIBORI
Directeur de Salle

“We are making preparations each day with a renewed spirit so that we can provide the most wonderful experiences to our guests. I look forward to meeting all of you.”

Yasuhiko Uchibori has thoroughly learned service at L’Osier ever since he joined the restaurant in 1991. When L’Osier was temporarily closed he worked to further improve his skills, such as taking part in training at a top-class restaurant in France and visiting production locations.

Photo: Toshifumi NAKAMOTO
Toshifumi NAKAMOTO

“I make constant efforts to propose harmonious pairings of wine and cuisine that match the moods of my customers.”

Toshifumi Nakamoto is well versed in wines from throughout the world, and is capable of suggesting unexpected “marriages” of wine and food. He received the 2012 Tokyo Meister Award (Tokyo Governor’s Award for Outstanding Skill). In 2013, he was awarded the French “Ordre National du Mérite Agricole (Chevalier)”. He received the 2014 Award for Outstandingly Skilled Workers (Contemporary Master Craftsman).